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Bobby Wills

An acclaimed musician with a reputation for writing from the heart, CCMA Award winning artist Bobby Wills (MDM Recordings Inc. / Universal Music Canada) is best known for two things – his signature cowboy hat and a diverse musical personality, combining a classic country sound with a toe-tapping, dynamic twist. His latest album, “In Comes The Night” is the 5th release in Wills’ vast discography and features singles “Get While The Gettin’s Good” and the romantic title-track “In Comes The Night”. The deluxe edition of the EP (released February 23, 2018) also features two new variations of the song “Out Of Your Mind”, both a radio edit and a live version. Wills has an impressive list of accolades under his belt, including winning the 2013 CCMA “Rising Star” Award in addition to consecutive 2013/2014 “Male Artist of the Year” nominations, consecutive 2015/2016 “Songwriter of the Year” nods as well as 2016 nominations for “Single” and “Album of the Year”. He was also crowned “Male Artist of the Year” as well as “Fans Choice” award winner at the 2017 ACMA Awards.

Robby Johnson

While he may sound like an all-American contemporary country artist, Robby Johnson's big, bold sound belies the fact that not only was he born in Canada, English is his second language. Robby Johnson was born and raised in a small town in the province of Quebec, but from a young age he was fascinated by all things American. When his parents separated, Robby immersed himself in U.S. television and music, and taught himself to speak English with an American accent. By the time he finished high school, Johnson had developed a passion for singing, and after taking a factory job to pay the bills, he spent his days practicing his vocals as the machinery roared away. While he didn't perform professionally, Johnson loved to sing at family gatherings, and created a French-language version of the Garth Brooks hit "The Dance." Johnson eventually worked his way up to a job as a sales representative, but he was unhappy with his career and dreamed of doing something more creative.

Harness Racing

It all starts when the music comes from the speakers telling it is post parade time.

Then, with sweaty palms and beating heart and little twinkling hope that your horse just might win.

There is no better feeling than to watch a horse flying past other horses on a race track. Even when you have a bad day it was still a great day because you got to spend it on a racetrack with horses.

Why not take your date to the track! Or just grab a slice of pizza or a hot dog from the snack bar between the races. You can make it as formal or informal as you like.

Even if your horse did not win I'm betting you'll still have a winning experience!

That's harness racing!

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