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Kira Isabella is a Canadian country music artist. Isabella was signed to Sony Music Canada in 2009.[1] Her first single, "Love Me Like That," was released in 2011 and charted on the Canadian Hot 100. Isabella released her second single in 2011 entitled "A Real Good Radio". Her third single, "A Little More Work," was released in 2012. Her debut studio album, Love Me Like That, was released in October 2012, and produced two further singles. Kira Isabella announced dates for a 2013 Canadian tour with Terri Clark in October 2012 and Carrie Underwood in December 2012.[2] In 2013, Isabella signed with U.S. record label HitShop Records.[3] The lead single from her forthcoming second album, "Quarterback", was released in spring 2014.


True phenomenon, with the release of Calvaire in 1997, La Chicane quickly published a first album, En Catimini and collected the honors. A few months after leaving their native Abitibi, the young formation composed of Boom Desjardins, Martin Bédar, Christian Legault, Alain Villeneuve and Dany Bédar, multiplied the nominations at the ADISQ Gala - Revelation of the year, Group of the year,  Album of the Year-Rock and Song of the Year for Calvaire - and the Juno Awards (Best Selling Francophone Album).

In the fall of 2000, La Chicane launched a second album, Disparu, and won the group's Felix of the Year in addition to three other nominations. The following year, this new album earned them the album of the year – Rock, still at ADISQ.

Ent'nous, their third album, was released in the spring of 2003. In July, La Chicane secured the first part of the Rolling Stones in Toronto, during the benefit show for the fight against SARS. The event was also attended by Justin Timberlake, The Rush and ACDC.

A few months later, Boom Desjardins left the group and released a solo album with the same name, which would be a similar success to the first La Chicane records. Four other albums will follow and be as successful. Dany Bédar who also left the group and experienced a solo career as successful as when he was with The Chicane.

In 2017, twenty years after their breakthrough in the Quebec’s music industry and more than a decade after the dissolution of the band, La Chicane announces its return to the stage, to the delight of their many admirers.



Harness Racing

It all starts when the music comes from the speakers telling it is post parade time.

Then, with sweaty palms and beating heart and little twinkling hope that your horse just might win.

There is no better feeling than to watch a horse flying past other horses on a race track. Even when you have a bad day it was still a great day because you got to spend it on a racetrack with horses.

Why not take your date to the track! Or just grab a slice of pizza or a hot dog from the snack bar between the races. You can make it as formal or informal as you like.

Even if your horse did not win I'm betting you'll still have a winning experience!

That's harness racing!


In Canada, the professional field of strong men is at a turning point. A new generation of athletes seeks to achieve their goals in order to become world-class professional athletes. The mission of Circuit Strong Man is to offer Canadian athletes the opportunity to compete regularly and open the doors to international competitions, as well as to develop female athletes through the Women's Professional League and the Masters Division.


Truck Pulls
Valerie Crête
  Tug of war - inscription  (pdf - 103 Ko)
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